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Ep. 21 From Nervous Beginnings to Overflowing Joy: A Detailed Timeline of the Alcohol-Free Journey

Jun 04, 2024

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Exploring the Stages of an Alcohol-Free Journey from Days 1-180

Embarking on an alcohol-free journey can be a life-changing experience. From navigating the ups and downs of the first month to celebrating the 6-month milestone, the process brings about significant physical, mental, and emotional transformations. In this blog post, we'll delve into the various stages of an alcohol-free journey, offering insights, tips, and personal experiences from Coach Ruby and Coach Susan of the Feel Lit Alcohol Free Podcast.

Stage 1: Month 1 to Day 60 - The Learning Phase
In the initial phase of the alcohol-free journey, uncertainty and nervousness prevail. This period is marked by doubts, questions, and anxiety about the future. The "learning phase" involves understanding the "jobs" we assign to alcohol, embracing curiosity, and utilizing tools such as the "Winjar" to reward the brain for alcohol-free days. Coach Ruby emphasizes the importance of self-compassion and persistence, acknowledging that it can take time to reshape the mindset and break free from long-held beliefs about alcohol's role in sleep, stress relief, and social interactions.

Stage 2: Day 60 to Day 90 - Hone Your Identity Alcohol-Free Identity
Progressing to days 60 through 90 represents a new phase where individuals start honing new coping mechanisms instead of alcohol. This phase involves recommitting to the journey, revisiting personal "whys," and acknowledging the fading effect bias. It's a period of identifying triggers and learning new tools while reaping the rewards of alcohol-free days. Coach Ruby and Coach Susan stress the significance of celebrating milestones and embracing an evolving identity as an alcohol-free individual.

Stage 3: Month 3 to Month 5 - The Emotions Phase
Entering the 3 to 5-month mark encompasses a shift towards experiencing genuine joy and confidence in the alcohol-free lifestyle. This phase is marked by the emergence of newfound joys and a sense of accomplishment as individuals undertake various activities without alcohol. The phase involves incorporating mindfulness practices, engaging in cross-training activities, and exploring new areas of personal development beyond the initial focus on alcohol. Coach Ruby emphasizes the significance of recognizing and managing resistance that may arise at these milestones, as well as seeking support and understanding from the community during such times.

Stage 4: 6 Months and Beyond - Celebrating Milestones and Acknowledging Resistance
Reaching the 6-month milestone marks a significant achievement. It's a time for celebration and reflection on the journey's progress. Additionally, it's common for individuals to experience resistance, where the subconscious mind challenges the commitment to an ongoing alcohol-free lifestyle. Coach Ruby shares her experiences of resistance at such milestones and highlights the importance of familiarizing oneself with these internal dialogues while continuing to navigate the journey with perseverance.

The alcohol-free journey is a deeply personal and transformative experience that unfolds in distinct stages, each with its own challenges and victories. From overcoming initial doubts and uncertainties to embracing a newfound identity as an alcohol-free individual, the journey reflects a profound shift in mindset, emotions, and lifestyle. By recognizing the milestones, navigating resistance, and seeking support, individuals can sustain and nourish their alcohol-free lifestyle, ultimately experiencing a sense of joy, freedom, and personal growth.

By offering a glimpse into the multifaceted nature of the alcohol-free journey, Coach Ruby and Coach Susan empower individuals to navigate their own unique paths with resilience, curiosity, and self-compassion, fueling a journey that leads to a truly lit and liberated life.


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