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Ep. 17 Mind Over Matter: Tackling Fading Affect Bias

May 29, 2024

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Title: Feeling Lit: Overcoming Fading Effect Bias and Cognitive Dissonance on the Alcohol-Free Journey

Exposing the Lies About Alcohol and Empowering Alcohol Freedom

In the journey to break free from the grip of alcohol, many individuals face challenges such as fading effect bias and cognitive dissonance. These psychological phenomena can make the process of maintaining an alcohol-free lifestyle difficult, as they involve romanticizing the positive aspects of drinking while downplaying the negative effects. In this episode of the Feel Lit Alcohol Free Podcast, hosts Susan and Ruby delve into the concept of fading effect bias and cognitive dissonance, providing valuable insights and practical strategies to overcome these challenges.

Defining Fading Effect Bias:
Fading effect bias is the tendency for unpleasant emotions to fade more over time than pleasant emotions. It is a self-protective measure in the brain to preserve energy and mental space. While this can be positive in situations like childbirth, where the memory of pain fades, it can pose a challenge in the context of an alcohol-free journey. The hosts emphasize that being aware of this concept can help individuals prepare for moments when they start romanticizing the positive aspects of alcohol or forgetting its negative impact.

Navigating Cognitive Dissonance:
Cognitive dissonance, as described in the podcast, is the mental struggle between conscious beliefs and subconscious desires. It leads to a tug of war in the mind, where individuals may find themselves torn between their desire to abstain from alcohol and the pull to indulge. The hosts relate this experience to the metaphor of the "wine witch," depicting the internal battle that individuals face when trying to resist the urge to drink. Understanding the root of these conflicting thoughts is crucial in addressing cognitive dissonance effectively.

Practical Tools and Tactics:
The podcast hosts delve into practical strategies to combat fading effect bias and cognitive dissonance. One approach involves the use of "impact art," a visual exercise aimed at tapping into the subconscious by creating representations of the negative impact of alcohol. Whether it's through drawing, painting, or even creative storytelling, impact art serves as a powerful tool to counter the romanticized image of alcohol in the mind and reinforce the reasons for staying alcohol-free.

Questioning Your Thoughts:
A key theme discussed is the empowerment of individuals to become the "boss of their brain." By questioning the validity of thoughts and challenging beliefs surrounding alcohol, individuals can reclaim control over their mental processes. Through the practice of savoring, wherein individuals consciously find joy in everyday moments, the hosts highlight the importance of being present and grateful, thereby amplifying positive emotions and experiences to counter fading effect bias.

Empowering Personal Agency:
The utilization of self-directed thought work is highlighted as a means to reclaim personal agency. By reframing thoughts and feelings around alcohol, individuals can assert their control over their behaviors and choices. The hosts emphasize that while feelings and thoughts may arise automatically, individuals have the power to question and modulate them, ultimately steering their actions toward an alcohol-free lifestyle.

As individuals navigate the path to an alcohol-free life, it is essential to acknowledge and address the psychological challenges posed by fading effect bias and cognitive dissonance. By understanding these phenomena and implementing practical tools and tactics, it becomes possible to overcome the allure of alcohol and embrace the freedom and well-being that accompanies an alcohol-free lifestyle. Through the insights provided in this podcast episode, individuals are equipped with the knowledge and strategies to feel lit alcohol-free, reclaim their personal agency, and savor the joy of living without alcohol.

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