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Ep. 15 Art, Connection, and Sobriety: Tammi Salas and the Power of Support Communities

May 02, 2024

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Finding Community and Support in Sobriety: A Conversation with Tammi Salas

Exploring the Value of Sobriety Communities and Support Networks

In the latest episode of the "Feel It Alcohol Free" podcast, hosts Susan and Ruby engage in a deep and insightful conversation with special guest Tammi Salas. As a sober living advocate, Tammi shares her inspirational journey of alcohol-free living and the importance of finding community and support during the recovery process. This blog post delves deeper into the valuable insights provided by Tammi Salas and the hosts, focusing on the significance of sobriety communities, friendship, and support networks in the journey to alcohol freedom.

The Challenges of Sobriety: Loneliness and Resistance
Tammi Salas candidly discusses the challenges she faced when she first embarked on her sobriety journey. Feelings of loneliness and resistance were prominent as she navigated a world without alcohol. It is often difficult for individuals to transition away from their drinking habits and to find understanding and acceptance in society. However, the conversation reveals that connecting with like-minded individuals can alleviate this struggle. The hosts and Tammi stress the importance of seeking support from others who have walked the same path and understand the challenges of sobriety.

A Shift in Perspective: Finding Friendship and Support
Tammi shares her initial resistance to making friends and engaging in social activities within the sober community. However, her perspective changed after she took a step out of her comfort zone and attended a social gathering at a taco place. This decision led her to meet her sponsor and transformed her view of the recovery program. The hosts resonate with this experience, emphasizing the transformative power of breaking down barriers and embracing new relationships and connections.

Creating Supportive Communities
As the conversation continues, Tammi discusses her efforts to establish sober communities such as "Tea and Toolboxes" and "Sober Entrepreneurs with Small Businesses." She also speaks about her involvement in a community focused on art for women in recovery. Creating these spaces facilitates a sense of belonging, understanding, and purpose among individuals pursuing a sober lifestyle. The hosts acknowledge the significance of these communities in providing support, empowerment, and camaraderie for those seeking alcohol freedom.

Adapting to Changes in Recovery: The Role of Modern Communities
The transformative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the recovery landscape are highlighted. Tammi and the hosts reflect on the emergence of different support communities and the importance of both online and in-person connections. They underscore the value of adapting to change and finding innovative ways to build and nurture supportive networks in the modern recovery journey.

Self-Expression and Coping Mechanisms: Healing Through Art
In the conversation, Tammi shares her passion for art and the powerful role it plays in her recovery. She promotes the use of creative activities such as cooking, drawing, painting, and gardening as healthy coping mechanisms. The hosts echo the sentiment, emphasizing the positive impact of engaging in self-expression and creativity as a means to rewire the brain and promote emotional healing.

Encouraging Community Involvement and Continued Growth
Tammi Salas shares her endeavors to engage in accountability projects and community involvement, encouraging listeners to participate in her upcoming events and visit her website for updates. The hosts support her call to action, emphasizing the importance of ongoing growth and involvement in sobriety communities.

The conversation with Tammi Salas and the hosts of the "Feel It Alcohol Free" podcast illuminates the transformative power of finding community and support in the sobriety journey. Through candid discussions, powerful anecdotes, and shared experiences, the episode underscores the significance of friendship, support networks, and creative expression in the pursuit of alcohol freedom. As the discussion concludes, the message resonates clearly: in the pursuit of sobriety, genuine connections, and supportive communities play a crucial role in fostering growth, empowerment, and lasting recovery.

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