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Ep. 14 Unwind Without Wine: Coping with Evening Stress and Anxiety

Apr 28, 2024

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Title: Embracing an Alcohol-Free Lifestyle: Finding Clarity and Freedom

Breaking Free from the Stigma of Labels and Embracing Alcohol-Free Living

Understanding the Emotional Relationship with Alcohol

In episode 14 of the Feel Lit Alcohol Free Podcast, hosts Ruby and Susan delve into the deep-rooted emotional connections many individuals have with alcohol. They discuss the tendency to give alcohol an emotional job, such as using it as a coping mechanism. This not only resonates with individuals struggling with alcohol dependence but also sheds light on the emotional complexities that can accelerate addiction.

Recognizing Accelerator Events and Individual Responses to Alcohol

The hosts draw attention to "accelerator events," such as deaths or divorces, which can significantly speed up alcohol dependence. Moreover, they highlight the physiological and addictive differences in individuals' responses to alcohol. By doing so, they break the stigma of being labeled as either an alcoholic or a "normal" drinker, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging individual experiences and responses to alcohol.

Observing and Challenging Social Norms

Ruby and Susan stress the significance of observing others' drinking behaviors and not assuming that everyone else drinks normally. They encourage listeners to approach the idea of normal drinking with curiosity and observation, challenging the societal norms surrounding alcohol consumption.

Techniques for Staying Present and Grounded

The hosts share personal techniques for staying grounded and present in the face of triggers. They discuss Ziva meditation and the "come to your senses" practice as effective ways to center oneself and connect with the present moment. By discussing these techniques, they provide practical tools for listeners to navigate the challenges of an alcohol-free lifestyle.

The Importance of Committing to an Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

Susan and Ruby emphasize the necessity of fully committing to an alcohol-free lifestyle. They share their experiences and recognize the challenges that come with moderation and occasional drinking. This segment highlights the significance of creating new neural pathways through abstaining from alcohol and avoiding the elusive idea of moderation.

Celebrating Small Wins and Embracing Clarity and Freedom

The hosts discuss the concept of mental clarity and freedom that comes with embracing an alcohol-free lifestyle. They emphasize the importance of celebrating small wins and learning from setbacks, encouraging listeners to start with baby steps and progress to longer periods of alcohol-free living.

Final Thoughts

In their closing remarks, Susan shares an analogy of holding on to both worlds and the need to fully commit to an alcohol-free lifestyle. They stress that the journey to alcohol-free living is one of progress, celebration, and learning, ultimately leading to mental clarity and freedom.

In a society where alcohol consumption is often normalized and glamorized, the Feel Lit Alcohol Free Podcast offers a refreshing perspective on alcohol-free living. Through candid discussions and shared experiences, Ruby and Susan provide practical insights and support for individuals looking to break free from alcohol dependence and embrace a life of mental clarity and freedom. The episode serves as a beacon of hope for listeners seeking guidance and community on their journey to alcohol-free living.

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