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Ep.7 Sound Sober Sleep Strategies

Apr 21, 2024
Title: Unlocking the Power of Sleep: Finding Inner Peace Without Alcohol

The Impact of Alcohol on Sleep and Breaking Free from Wine

Welcome to Episode 7 of the Feel Lit Alcohol Free Podcast! In today's episode, hosts Ruby and Susan put the spotlight on the transformative power of quality sleep and how it relates to breaking free from the grip of alcohol. As former wine lovers turned alcohol freedom coaches, they understand the struggle of finding inner peace without relying on alcohol and aim to provide listeners with practical strategies and insights.

The Impact of Alcohol on Sleep

Ruby goes in-depth on the impact of alcohol on sleep, dispelling the common belief that alcohol brings restful slumber. As a certified sleep coach, she breaks down the stages of sleep affected by alcohol and emphasizes the vital role that quality sleep plays in our overall well-being, including weight loss. The hosts share personal experiences and insights on how alcohol undermines the restorative nature of sleep, shedding light on the myth that it enhances sleep.

Breaking Free from Wine: Techniques for Better Sleep

To help listeners navigate the challenge of establishing healthy sleep habits without turning to alcohol, Ruby and Susan share a wealth of techniques for better sleep. These techniques include journaling worries before bed, engaging in relaxing activities like Yoga Nidra and guided meditations, and creating a cool, quiet, and dark sleep environment. Susan highlights her nightly routine, which includes the feet up the wall yoga pose and reading before bed as effective relaxation methods.

Navigating the First Week Alcohol-Free: Prioritizing Self-Care

Ruby provides invaluable advice on navigating the first week of being alcohol-free, likening it to treating oneself like having the flu. She emphasizes the importance of self-care, rest, and hydration, recommending power naps and engaging in positive activities to maintain a healthy mindset.

The Power of Ambient Factors: Aromatherapy, Weighted Blankets, and White Noise

In addition to discussing the essential, internal techniques for better sleep, Ruby and Susan emphasize the potential of environmental factors for promoting restful sleep. They explore the use of aromatherapy and the benefits of different scents, cautioning listeners to be discerning when purchasing essential oils. Susan shares her love for weighted blankets and the impact of wearing socks to bed, highlighting the potential of these small changes in creating a serene and comfortable sleep environment. Additionally, Susan provides insight into using white noise machines to drown out disruptive hotel sounds during travel.

Embracing Continuous Trial and Error: Finding Your Sleep Hygiene

Both hosts stress the individualized nature of better sleep, encouraging listeners to engage in a continuous trial-and-error approach to find what works best for their sleep hygiene. From the use of meditation and cool bedrooms to weighted blankets and white noise machines, they advocate for the exploration of various methods to discover what resonates with each individual's unique needs.

Join the Movement: Engage with the Feel Lit Community

As the episode draws to a close, Susan and Ruby extend an invitation to their listeners to join the Feel Lit community on Facebook. They encourage participants to share their personal experiences and secrets for finding inner peace without reliance on alcohol, fostering a space for collective support and growth.

In today's busy world, prioritizing quality sleep is a transformative act of self-care. By understanding the impact of alcohol on sleep and embracing alternative techniques for better sleep, listeners can unlock the path to feeling lit without the need for alcohol. Join the Feel Lit community and start your journey to a healthier, more vibrant life today.

Remember, a restorative night's sleep is just a step away, and the benefits of breaking free from alcohol extend far beyond the confines of the night. Join hosts Ruby and Susan as they guide you in embracing a life unshackled from the constraints of alcohol and filled with the promise of true wellness and inner peace. Stay tuned for the next episode, where they'll dive into more candid discussions and practical strategies for living your best alcohol-free life.

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